All you need is love… and the beach.

Our Famous Buzzzz Bus

We added the well-known purple Buzzzz Bus back in 2013 to offer our yummy treats to the Summer Tourists on the Eastham Beaches and ponds in the summer. We offer Iced and Frozen Drinks such as;  Frozen Hot Chocolate, Smoothies, Frozen Mochas, Iced coffee, Bottled water, as well as Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches and Chocolate Treats. There’s nothing like seeing the Buzzzz Bus pull into the parking lot on a hot summer day.  Who doesn’t sit on the beach and wish they had a delicious refreshing Iced Coffee or Frozen Drink at their fingertips?  Well, now they can have it!

Due to the high demand for our delicious Buzzzz Bus Chocolate Cafe coffee, espresso, chocolate, iced and frozen treats, a second bus was added to accommodate the area markets, festivals and events during the summer and early fall.  The Buzzzz Bus is for hire for anyone who wishes to add some fun to their wedding, graduation, office, birthday, shower or any fun occasion.  For details, please call Elaine Gremila at 508-240-0070.

The Chocolate Cafe

5030 Route 6
Eastham, Cape Cod


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