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Scrumptious Lunch Menu

Honeymooners Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

“You’re a riot, Alice.  You’re a regular riot. Hope they like those jokes on the moon, ’cause that’s where you’re goin’ ” – Ralph Kramden

All sandwiches served with Cape Cod Chips

The Trixie –  creamy mac & cheese w/cheddar on white

The Norton  –  roast beef w/ asiago cheese on wheat

The Ralph  –  braised short rib w/ bbq sauce + provolone on wheat

The Alice  –  Mozzarella, tomato + basil pesto on wheat

Plain Grilled Cheese available upon request

Additional Specialty Sandwiches available weekly

I Love Lucy Hotdogs

“Vitameatavegamin contains vitamins and meat and medge-a-ta-bles and vinerals! It’s so tasty, too! It’s just like candy! Honest!” – Lucy Ricardo

All hot dogs served with Cape Cod Chips

The Lucy – grilled hotdog topped with hysterically spicy red relish

The Ricky – Cuban grilled hotdog accented with pickle, ham, swiss cheese + dijon mustard

The Ethel – grilled “old fashioned” hotdog with mustard + relish

The Fred – grilled hotdog w/ nothing on top (just like Fred)

The Chocolate Cafe

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Eastham, Cape Cod


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